Top Patio Design Mistakes to Avoid

Summary: When fixing up your patio make sure it still remains an enjoyable and comfortable place to be.


Any designing involving your house, be it inside or outside, should be thought-out and purposeful. There is value to jumping right into a project but some careful planning or brainstorming ahead of time can make the renovation a success.


With summer upon us, people are spicing up their patios to gear up for outdoor barbeques, dinners, and gatherings. When working on your patio try to avoid some common pitfalls that can turn a patio into a dreadful, rather than exciting, environment.


Lack of Character


When designing your patio you should keep in mind what kind of space you want it to be. Patios are oftentimes places where people can relax, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors. Some patios, even with good amounts of furniture, can feel like they are lacking and a bit stale just because they do not have much personality. By adding small accessories, such as wind chimes, outdoor art, and pillows, your patio will immediately feel warmer and more welcoming.


Too Much or Too Little


Another common issue you will want to avoid when renovating your patio is to have a poor balance of furniture. Too few tables and seats can leave your patio feeling bare and empty. Your guests may not wish to sit out there, due to the lack of seating options.


On the other end of the spectrum, too much furniture can easily leave your patio feeling overcrowded and busy. Guests may feel overwhelmed and have trouble walking around. Aim to strike a balance where everyone feels both welcomed and comfy.


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