3 types of Artificial turfs explained

Most people think that installing artificial grass is like installing a green carpet, but today’s artificial turfs are much more natural, realistic and easy to maintain. Artificial turf is also environmentally friendly as it requires no watering and looks pristine all year around. Here are 3 types of artificial turfs that you could choose from for your next garden renovation.

Artificial turf blades differ in lengths from 2 to 4 inches. If the lengths are variable it provides a more natural look and feel. The blades of grass are generally made out of rubber or plastic. The blades are covered with a silicone lubrication which provides a softer more natural texture.


The most common types of artificial turfs are ;

  1. Fieldturf
  2. Superturf
  3. Astroturf

These turfs differ on the type of infills used to soften the feel of the grass. The deeper the infill the harder the grass will feel. Infills are usually made out of sand, cream rubber or plastic. The most common type of turf is Astroturf, which has been used for many years in the past. Fieldturf is the most comfortable and realistic out of the three, as it is used on most sports grounds.

If your have a large garden area and it is used often for sports and entertaining, Fieldturf would be more suitable as it would be hardier and able to handle more use. On the other hand if you have a smaller garden space and your outdoor area is used more to enhance your surroundings, you could opt for Superturf or Astroturf.