Choosing the best fabric for your outdoor cushions

5Written by Wicker Paradise

Before choosing your next set of replacement cushions for patio furniture, it is best to consider how much of it is exposed to the elements. Most patios will be exposed to winds, moisture, and extreme hot and cold weather changes. Therefore, it is best to choose fabrics that are water resistant and fade resistant regardless of its specific placement. It is also a good choice to choose pillow inserts that are polypropylene and filled with 100% waterproof fillings.

Cotton Canvas – Cotton canvas is a good heavy duty fabric which is relatively inexpensive. Most canvases are pre dyed in solid colours and prints. If you want to add your own personalized touch to your pieces, you can choose a blank canvas and paint on it using fabric paint. Cotton canvas are best with wicker furniture or treated wood.

Duck Cloth – Duck cloth is a tighter weave compared to canvas. This fabric is slightly more expensive than canvas, but is much more sturdier.

Textilene Fabric – These are woven polyester fabrics with a PVC coating. Used mainly for outdoor furniture it is waterproof and fade resistant. Apart from this for those who are allergy prone, this fabric is mold resistant.

Olefin Fiber – This fabric is also known as polypropylene, olefin fiber is a synthetic fiber. This fabric can be used for cushion inserts, as well as for cushion covers. It is resistant to mold, heat, sun, and wet weather.


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