Modern Exterior Door Designs

Written by ETO Doors.

Modern front door designs can help to transform the look of an entryway. Find out some of the characteristics that make contemporary front doors so unique.

Shopping for a new front door doesn’t mean that you need to buy something that is plain and boring. If you have a modern-style home then you want to complement your house with modern exterior doors. Installing the right doors in your house can make your home look sleek, stylish and become a focal point of its look.

Many people think that “modern” door styles mean that they will be too abstract to fit in with the rest of the home or be too cold or sterile to create a warm look. This doesn’t have to be the case — while modern doors are stylish and often streamlined, they can also be warm and inviting.

So what are some of the unique characteristics of modern entry doors? Here are a few things that make contemporary door designs stand out from the crowd:

Interesting Window Options: Modern doors go beyond the basic window at the top of the door and use windows as an architectural element. You can often find contemporary doors that have multiple, small square or rectangular windows inside of the door. These windows are often made of laminated glass. The lamination process not only protects the glass but makes the windows “pop.”


Metal Accents: A common feature of many modern doors is metal accents. For example, many doors with laminate windows also have steel frames surrounding the individual windows. The steel frame serve as an accent piece to make the windows stand out even more. Steel and other shiny metals can also be used as borders or accent pieces on the door itself.

Bright Colors: It’s no longer the case that front doors have to be simple wood. Modern front doors are often stained or painted in bright colors. It’s a great way to draw attention to an attractive front door and to add a quirky bit of charm to your house. The color of your front door doesn’t even have to match the rest of your house! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different stains and colors until you get something you love.

Unusual Shapes and Sizes: The use of unique and geometric shapes is one hallmark of contemporary front doors. This can mean having windows and inlay patterns that with square corners and straight edges to contrast with a rounded archway above the door. Or it could mean doorknobs that aren’t the standard round shape. Many fixtures will also be exaggerated in size.

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