What You Need to Know About Artificial Grass

If you’ve always wanted a picture perfect lawn, the artificial grass might be the answer you are looking for.

Is it perfect? Definitely not. But there are a number of benefits that comes with these lawns that can make it worth your while.

For starters, if you are tired of lawn maintenance, then artificial grass might be just what the doctor order. In other words, not only will you save water but time and energy too.

Given these benefits, synthetic grass is increasingly used for landscaping and recreation by 10 to 15 percent every year in the United States alone.

hygrassThe best part is that you can use it in a number of areas such as pool surrounds, dog runs, play areas, putting greens, in and around patio pavers as well as the usual lawns.

Another interesting benefit of using fake grass comes from the reluctance of using herbicides and fertilizers.

Yet its most enamoring benefit is that it looks just as real as natural grass does. This is because it is usually colored to look like a number of species of real grass even if it is made up of nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene.

As for costs, each square foot of grass costs about $5 to $20 but after that, it comes with no costs for the next 15 to 20 years.

This is in stark contrast to normal grass where it costs only 14 to 60 cents per square foot but which can cost you dearly as the years go by in maintenance alone.

As experts suggest, it takes about roughly seven years for artificial grass to cover its original costs but this is not something that is possible with its natural version.

Yet before you install artificial grass, ensure that it is permitted in your municipality or homeowner association.