Artificial Grass for decking

hygrassOwning an outdoor area with decking can be a fun way to entertain and spend your evenings with family and friends. However, over time your decking can look withered, due to strong sun exposure or extreme cold weather. Re-doing your decking can be an expensive project. It is also one you will have to incur again in a few years.

The newest trend is adding artificial grass for decking. Even decking that has already incurred damage can be covered up with artificial grass. This method is not only easy, it is low maintenance and provides a grassy floor that is barefoot friendly.

Firstly, measure your deck and visit an artificial grass store. These stores usually provide grass turf in carpet form. Once you receive your large grassy carpet, remove all your decking furniture and place the carpet on your deck. You might have to trim a bit of the edges to fit your deck (use a sharp pair of scissors for this). The grass carpet is very heavy, therefore its weight should allow the grass to lay on the deck without shifting.

As for furniture, fake cane furniture in dark grey or black would really complete your deck. If you want to add a coffee table, purchase a few fake cane short stools instead. They could be used for guest to sit, place their drinks or as a footstool. White or off white furnishings would really make this space beautiful. For lighting you could add some large floor lamps that are fully closed (for safety reasons).