Avoid Allergies by Replacing Your Mattress

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Are you experiencing runny noses, sneezing, or hives as a result of exposure to your bed? If so, it may be time to get a new foam mattress or latex mattress for allergy relief.

Your allergies may be a result of dust mites living inside your mattress. Cleaning can usually reduce the number of dust mites that live in your bed. However, if years of dust mite feces have built up in your mattress, your allergic reactions may become significantly worse. If your mattress has reached the end of its 7-10 year lifespan, buying a new foam mattress will allow you to start fresh.

If you want more potent allergy relief, you might consider buying a latex foam mattress instead. Latex foam is made from natural materials that are hypoallergenic. Latex mattresses will resist allergens such as dust mites and fungi. Like normal foam mattresses, latex mattresses will also conform to your body shape and provide balanced comfort and support for all body types.

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