Bringing the outdoors in with Artificial grass


Artificial grass was originally used for sports fields and recently in homes. The newest trend is bringing the outdoors in, by using artificial grass in commercial and office interior spaces. The reason why establishments prefer this option is because artificial grass is easy to maintain, is nonflammable, suitable for any climate and looks pristine throughout the year. The material used for artificial grass is UV resistant, therefore it will maintain its color in any climate.

Studies have shown that employee who have artificial grass in their office spaces were more productive and dynamic with the grass under their feet. Apart from the feel of grass, research suggests that the colour green symbolizes nature, creates balance and a feeling of calm.

Artificial grass has also been used for children’s bedrooms. Since modern children don’t get the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors. Indoor grass creates a sense of playing outdoors. Artificial grass is suitable for children with allergies, because it does not contain pollen or any other natural elements that can cause allergies.

Hotels have also taken up this trend, by installing artificial grass near their indoor swimming pools, spas and lobby areas. The extra greenery helps guests to relax and give the illusion of more space.

Restaurants, stores and bars have taken on the trend by including artificial grass on their furnishings or as a wall feature. Such establishments can now have an outside area that is indoors, giving their patrons the feeling of dining or drinking al fresco.