How You Can Make Your House Accommodating For Your Dog

Summary: Welcoming a dog into your house requires extensive planning and special accommodations.

Few things are as exciting as having a pet in your house. An animal that you can run around with and take care of can bring a lot of joy into your life. One of the big challenges new dog-owners tend to face is figuring out just how to make their house as ready as possible for their new pets. A fish requires little more than a clean tank, a water filter, and food. A dog that can move around your house comes with its own set of requirements.

Transforming your home into an environment where you can let your dog be a dog is easy if you know what to look out for.

Hardwood Flooring

When you have a dog running around your house it is eventually going to get messy. If your dog is not potty-trained the last thing you want to clean up is a big mess on your carpet or brand new cushion filling. Carpets and rugs may feel nice but they can be tricky to clean. Hardwood flooring is a more ideal surface when it comes to maintenance, because you can easily mop, sweep, or vacuum it. Dirt from your dog’s paws can require expensive cleaning solutions to clean out of a carpet.

Designated Resting Area

Another helpful tip is to get a dog bed or blanket for your dog to rest on. Letting your dog get cozy on the couch is cute but jumping on the couch can damage furniture and ultimately hurt your dog’s joints. Stores like The Foam Factory sell a variety of different surfaces that you can choose from.