Most effective and inexpensive sound deadening material for rooms

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

If you live next to a busy street or you work in an office that performs activities that include production and manufacturing, you will often have to live/work through high intensity and distracting noises. High levels of noise can be very disrupting and are known to increase fatigue and shorten attention spans. Here are some way to reduce noise to ensure a calm home and office environment.

Commonly used materials

Mass loaded vinyl – This material was created as a non-toxic replacement for lead sheeting and is suitable for floors, ceiling and walls. This type of sheeting is made of high-grade vinyl material and are suffused with barium salts or silica.

Soundproofing Curtains – This is an easy way to reduce sound as curtains can hang on walls or windows. Soundproofing Curtains are available in different thickness. Some types are known to block 90% of the noise coming in or out of a room.

Foams – Sound proofing foam is a good sound blocker and will absorb even high-level Foams are usually glued, pinned or stapled to the wall and ceilings of a room. Sound deading foam is also cost effective and very efficient in absorbing sound waves.

Natural cotton fiber – Natural cotton fiber is a good option for sound proofing as well as insulating. This material is considered an environmentally friendly option that is easily recyclable.


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