Searching for New Chair Cushions?

If you have chair cushions that are a few years old, they may need replacing. You can find these at many department stores or you can simply buy the foam rubber and replace only that. If your cushion covers still look good, then this is an economical way to revamp worn out furniture. At least try this idea. It could save you some money.

New chair cushions

New chair cushions for indoor and outdoor furniture can be expensive, but what if you could keep your old cushion covers and just replace the foam. It’s easy and not too time consuming. First decide on the type of foam you want:

Memory foam

Convoluted foam

Conventional foam

Latex foam

Getting new chair cushions is just a matter of measuring the old ones, then visiting The Foam Factory to purchase your new foam rubber.

Other Tips for Freshening your Home

Sometimes we neglect changing out the bedding. Though you probably change your sheets every few weeks, how long has it been since you washed your quilts and comforters? Pull off quilts one at a time, wash them as you would other clothes, then dry them. If possible, hang them outside to dry on a clothesline. Airing them out like this is a way to refresh the fabric.

Stop by The Foam Factory website for a huge selection of foam for your foam replacement projects outside, in the boat or in the RV. They have every size. Unusual shapes and sizes are not a problem.