Some Tips for Home Bamboo Flooring

Many people have made the decision to install home bamboo flooring.  But before you do this, one thing that you should learn about is information on bamboo flooring.  Here are some things to remember.

Shoes with high heels are able to damage your bamboo floor. It’s not a good idea to wear these kinds of shoes or let someone else wear them when they are in your home.  The load pressure on the really narrow contact point is able to exert a lot of pressure on your floor and this could cause a dent.

If you’re using a rug on the floor, be sure that it’s right for using on bamboo or wood flooring. You shouldn’t use one that has a rubber backing because they can discolor the floor. This is because the floor can’t breathe through that rubber backing.

You should put protect pads beneath the legs of cupboards, chairs, and tables. The ones that have thick felt or fabric are going to be the best ones that you can choose.  If some of the furniture has casters on them, the casters should be removed if you can.  You can also put on some caster cups on them. The cups should have fabric at the back.

You should never drag any kind of furniture over your bamboo floor. This could leave some deep scrape marks or gouges and will most likely damage the floor beyond repair.

If you are considering bamboo flooring, go to Google search.  You’ll find out about bamboo floor durability and much more.