Soundproofing Techniques

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Noise can be very distracting for those who live next to a busy street or an industrial district. Soundproofing measures help to absorb sound vibrations which help to minimize sound transference. Here are some soundproofing techniques that will create a quiet, relaxing home environment.

Cut down on noisemakers – This involves buying appliances that are quiet. Look at investing in quiet fans, dishwashers, and other typically noisy appliances for quieter models.

Use sound-absorbing materials – To reduce sound in a specific room, you can invest in sound absorbing curtains. These are known to reduce at least 90% of outdoor noise. For rooms that are affected by constant noise, invest in soundproofing foam and place them on the walls and the ceilings of the room. A popular low-cost option like flexible polyurethane foam will cut noise by 60%. Carpets are also a good choice instead of hardwood

Acoustic ceiling panels – If you have noise exiting from your basement, look at fixing acoustic ceiling panels that will block out any noise coming from above.

Solid core door construction – A good solid core door will block transference of sound compared to a hollow door. Therefore, change your doors to a door made of particleboard-core, composite-core, or solid-wood doors.

Soundproofing foam tape – Place sound proofing tape around window and door frames to reduce noise.

Wireless headphones – For family members who love to listen to music loud, invest in a good pair of wireless headphones.


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