The Best Outdoor Furniture Styles for Your Patio or Backyard

After settling on a theme, the next crucial step for redesigning and redecorating your patio or backyard is choosing the right furniture and decorations. Specific styles of furniture can change the atmosphere and ambiance of your outdoor living area, so choose the furniture style that fits best with the rest of your scenery and decorations. Here are a few suggestions to elevate your backyard or patio.

Retro Furniture

Retro furniture is adept at making metal furniture feel fun and iconic when placed outdoors. If you prefer vivid, striking colors over more green, nature-inspired tones, retro furniture may be best for your outdoor theme.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture has an elegant caned look composed of natural elements, as it is derived from the strong but flexible rattan plant native to Southeast Asia. Rattan furniture is equally at home in classic and bohemian themes. Use it if you wish to add a timeless, graceful quality to your outdoor living area.

Wicker Furniture

Like rattan furniture, traditional wicker furniture is derived from plant-based elements found in tropical countries. However, outdoor wicker furniture is instead made from a synthetic resin designed to survive the heat and moisture present outdoors. Wicker furniture is versatile enough to fit in several design themes, including Victorian, tropical, and exotic styles. You can find outdoor wicker furniture pieces perfect for your backyard at Wicker Furniture.

Rustic Furniture

If you love the outdoors and camping, rustic-themed furniture designs can bring the magic of the outdoors into your backyard or patio. Look for western, log frame, and teak furniture pieces to fit into the rustic style.