Three Ways Consultants Cut Costs on Construction Disputes

According to Lyle Charles, consultants are a huge cost and time saver for smaller construction outfits seeking to resolve disputes quickly. Here are three ways these companies attempt to cut costs as they solve disputes.

Understanding Complex Insider Terms

One particular situation you will want a consultant for would be construction delay claims. Consultants regularly handle a wide variety of cases. Claims involving a delay in construction work can be loaded with jargon that is hard to understand. It could be the first time that you are seeing certain language and documents that are created from a legal standpoint.

Professional Negotiator

A business owner should always have a professional to speak on their behalf, especially in the matter of legal issues. One potentially stressful aspect of a claim is the negotiation process. A consultant can participate in private mediation sessions. This sort of mediation can be used to determine an outcome to a construction dispute that isn’t set in a courtroom. Consultants are great negotiators and can fight on behalf of your business.

Familiar with Wide Variety of Claims

A construction claims consultant has likely worked with on many different cases. The wide areas of expertise that a claims consultant covers helps to ensure nothing catches your business off-guard. Claims are matters that must be taken extremely seriously. You don’t want to business to suffer because you incorrectly assume that you can handle all aspects of a claim without a consultant.

It is strongly recommended your next claim is handled by a consultant. Professional consultants can keep your business standing strong, no matter what claim comes your way.