Tips to Help Your Dog Get Used to Her New Bed

Summary: Your dog may need some time to get use to her brand-new bed. While it might look cozy and comfortable to you, it could be considered foreign to her.

It might seem relatively easy to get your dog acclimated to her new bed. Basically, just throw the bed in an area where she normally sleeps and she’ll immediately start cozying up to it, right?

In some cases, this might not work. Dogs need a bit of encouragement at times. If they’ve never been around a bed before, they’’ likely be a bit hesitant. In their heads, it might look like a new toy to chew on. Here are some tips that you can try out when it comes to introducing your dog to her new bed.

Familiarity Through Scent

Your dog knows your scent after being around you for a long period of time. Whether it’s through your clothes, shoes or even the mattress foam from your bed, you give off a notable scent that your dog knows well and through. Try rubbing your hands on the bed or place an old t shirt on top. This will make your dog feel a bit more comfortable during the beginning stages. Or, you can place one of your dog’s blankets on the bed, so she knows that the bed is hers. Be careful placing certain toys as it could entice her to chew on the bed itself.

Location is Key

Even if you want the bed to be in a specific area, you can try speeding up the introduction process by placing it in an area where she normally resides. For instance, maybe she’s fond of that mattress you purchased from The Foam Factory ago. Take the bed and place it on top of the mattress so she can start getting used to it. Eventually, you can replace that mattress (in the example) and leave the new bed in its place. She may not even know the difference